Village Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Spending Review 2016 – 2017 Village Primary School  £276,000

Our 2016/2017 allocation was focused on

  1. raising the attainment of those pupils who attracted the pupil premium funding who were admitted to the school not achieving at age-related expectations
  2. ensuring the accelerated progress of our more able pupils who attract the funding
  3. removing individual barriers to learning such as health issues within the family and poor attendance rates

The impact of the funding is detailed within the first section of our 2017 – 2018 action plan attached below so that this information is used to inform our spending in the current school year. 

Our pupil premium funding impacted on the attainment level of our pupils – see details in our review and action plan link below. Spending was also used to support pupils with a range of barriers to their learning such as social care issues and attendance issues. Spending has supported the employment of staff to work with families to remove or alleviate the impact of these barriers.  

Our focus for spending in 2017/18 is detailed in our action plan below which shows the amount we estimate we will receive and our children’s main barriers to learning.

 Pupil Premium fund Spending Review 15/16 and Action Plan YR 17/18