Village Primary Academy

Academy’s statement of values and ethos.

‘Believe, Achieve, Succeed’ is what we are all about at Village Primary. We believe in every child’s potential and right to make excellent progress, through quality first teaching, motivational learning experiences and an outstanding and exciting curriculum. We also believe in developing the whole child, so personal & social progress and skills are developed with as much importance and rigour attached to them, as the academic areas of learning.

We want all of our pupils to achieve as well as they can in terms of end of year and key stage assessments as this ensures that they are well prepared for the next phase of their education, and of course, their future life as adults.
Success comes in many forms; academic & social progress, high achievement in subjects/ areas of learning and our ‘TEAM’ motto is instrumental in ensuring this happens for every pupil.

‘Together, Everyone Achieves More’ – through tolerance, equality, achievement and motivation. At Village Primary we know that ‘even in ordinary places, extraordinary things happen!’ It’s our job and aim to bring that alive for each and every pupil in our academy.

We look forward to an exciting journey with all of our pupils, parents & carers, staff, community members and the Harmony Trust. Together we know that we can and will achieve more and more and more every year.

Debbie Beeston