The Federation

Our federation priorities for the 2017/18 school year are:

  • To continue to improve the quality of our teaching- we have a number of teachers whose provision is consistently outstanding and an additional large percentage whose teaching is consistently good. We continue to provide professional development and support to help our teachers to all be outstanding.
  • To continue to improve our progress rates and attainment levels – whilst we are very pleased to see the improvements we have made so far we are tireless in wanting better, particularly for our pupils for whom the school receives additional pupil premium funding and our more able pupils.
  • To continue to ensure our pupils are safe and know how to remain safe and to have excellent behaviour in and out of school – we have a huge number of aspects of school that are about the children’s current and future safety in and out of school, now and when they are older. We expect the children’s behaviour at all times to reflect positively on our school and believe good behaviour should be acknowledged and rewarded.
  • To continue to improve way the school is led and managed – this includes developing future leaders and our school governors who work very hard for the school and are always interested to hear from anyone who is interested in joining them.To ensure our children who qualify for pupil premium grant achieve at least as well as non-disadvantaged pupils nationally – we have a number of organisational strategies in place that ensure our pupil premium funded children achieve their academic potential.
  • To support our new pupils and families who join the school who do not currently speak English.